Tis the Season for Dog-Whistle Racism


“A Virginia cop is kidnapped and murdered by several black gang members. Sharpton, where are you?!”

Give it a rest for a few weeks, OK? You can be a racist when the holiday season ends on Valentine’s day. There’s no need to pollute your feed with that shit and make the rest of us have to look at your hate.

I get it. You’re uncomfortable at having to face the overt racism blacks put up with all of the time in this country. I get it. It makes some people feel icky.

That icky feeling must be why Right Wing News is pulling false equivalency arguments out of their ass, and why you’re linking to it on your wall.

Here’s what happened: Waynesboro, Virginia reserve police officer Kevin Quick, who was white, was murdered in February, 2014, by 4 black members of a gang with ties to the Bloods, called Kweli Uhuru. The fine folks at Right Wing News (godammit that I gave them a click) would like to conflate Ferguson, MO with this tragedy. Shame on them for that.

The fact is that Quick was murdered as part of a robbery and carjacking. It was a murder of opportunity. It was tragic and sad. But, Quick was not targeted because he was a police officer, nor because he was white. He was targeted because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. To make this into a racial issue is sickening, when in fact it is a gang/organized crime issue.

The other fact is that 4 people are in currently in custody and will go to trial in May 2015 for Quick’s murder. That’s the important thing: There will be a trial. There will be an opportunity for a prosecution of the facts and the chance for a vigorous defense. The wheels of justice will be turning this spring.

But, there won’t be a chance for both sides to have their say in Ferguson. Officer Darren Wilson might have been found not guilty. He might have been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter like Officer Johannes Mehserle was when he shot Oscar Grant in the back with his service revolver instead of his taser on New Year’s day 2009 in an Oakland BART station. We’ll never know because there won’t be a trial.

See the difference? See how that might make some people angry?

So, when websites like Right Wing News spew their disingenuous bile and falsely equivocate the 2 terrible deaths it makes me sick.

I mean, really, can you stoop any lower than to use the random, violent murder of a man to further your racism? Have you no shame, no ethics?

Actually, looking at the rest of the page linked – no. No there is no shame and apparently no bottom for them to hit.

The article stops just short of dropping the n-bomb, but is chock full of dog whistle racism:

Obama is a racist trying to start a race war. (He just is dammit, don’t ask me to prove how)

Young black men are thugs. (Of course they are, bless your heart)

The President is inciting rioting with his supposed alignment to radical groups. (Their citation is a  link to another one of their articles – one that not only offers no proof it’s not even about radical groups)

Obama’s a Muslim and is happy officer Quick is dead because Quick is just another dead infidel. (Because everybody knows our Christian President is really a secret Muslim, and all Muslim’s want all non-believers dead)


I suppose the punishment for people who lie like that is they have to live in the conspiracy they create. Every day they’re trapped in a place where they think the President is actually a foreign-born Muslim bent on destroying America. It must kill them to know that the President of the United States is black. It must kill them in a way a normal person can’t comprehend.

But racism is something they hold on to, that’s why they have to drag the murder of Officer Quick into this. They’re desperately trying to make it tit-for-tat when it comes white-on-black or black-on-white murder. It needs to even out on their scorecard so they can ignore the actual racism facing people of color in this country. And if it doesn’t even out in real life they’ll fudge the numbers.

When they ask where Reverend Al Sharpton is in this they’re implying he doesn’t care that a white man died. It seems to be a theme with them. They’re insinuating that because Sharpton didn’t hold a press conference to condemn this murder that he’s approving of it. Apparently they think Sharpton should comment on every one of the 16,000+ homicides in the United States every year.

So, at this blessed time of year it’s always cheery to find some thundering piece of garbage racism staring at me between the questionnaire on what color my soul is, and someone else’s picture of their elf on the shelf.

Seriously, we all know you’re a not-so-closet-racist when you post dreck like this.

How about during your high holy days you just pretend to be the Christian you so proudly claim to be?

Just mouth the words Peace on Earth for a few weeks. You don’t have to mean it, but it would sure give the rest of us a break.


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  1. Well said. The problem is, they either just don’t get it or they just don’t care. Their silence, however, would be appreciated.



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